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Kaiser COVID-19 Litigation



Kaiser Sued for Illegally Charging Members for “Free” COVID-19 Tests


Insurer charged customers over $300 for COVID-19 tests, despite U.S. law requiring them to cover all costs.


(OAKLAND) Seeger Devine LLP has filed a class action in Alameda Superior Court against Kaiser Foundation Health Plan for unfairly charging its members for COVID-19 tests despite the federal CARES Act requirement that insurers cover all of the costs related to COVID testing.


For example, when plaintiff Faye Getubig received a COVID test in June 2022, Kaiser billed her $310 for the test. Seeger Devine has learned that her case is not unique; Kaiser has illegally charged other members hundreds of dollars each for COVID-19 tests.


Kaiser’s business practice of illegally charging consumers exorbitant prices for COVID tests hurts not only the consumers who have to pay these illegal charges, it also hurts the general public.  After all, if Kaiser charges hundreds of dollars for a COVID test, fewer people will be able to afford to be tested, even if the Centers for Disease Control recommends that they should be tested.  And when fewer people who have been exposed to COVID are tested, the more likely it is that COVID will continue to spread through our community.


The lawsuit demands an injunction requiring Kaiser to follow the law by not charging for COVID tests, and to issue refunds to all members who have already paid Kaiser’s illegal charge. The lawsuit is Faye Getubig v Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. and the complaint is available at the link below.


Seeger Devine LLP is a law firm that specializes in litigating socially just causes. The firm is driven by social responsibility and committed to achieving justice for consumers, patients, workers and small business owners. Seeger Devine has been a leader in multidistrict litigation proceedings and class actions, helping to achieve billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for clients throughout the U.S.  


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