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Business Litigation

Seeger Devine LLP has considerable experience and an outstanding record of success litigating complex business cases for large and small companies; both as plaintiffs and defendants.
We make it our business to understand your business. We educate ourselves about your company, its industry, competitors and strategic direction. We are familiar with the demands of large companies and comfortable with the complexities of dealing with multiple divisions of international corporations.
We are equally adept at providing efficient and effective solutions for middle-market and small businesses; as well as for individuals with commercial disputes. Regardless of their size or stature, our clients share one important attribute: a need for sophisticated legal advice in the most complex and demanding matters, where careers and companies are at stake.
Seeger Devine is a perfect alternative for companies that have traditionally turned to large law firms for their litigation. We offer the highest quality legal representation and we adopt strategies designed to achieve cost-effective results.
We evaluate cases early with a view toward speedy resolution as an effective way to control costs. Nevertheless, we welcome the courtroom when it’s appropriate, and we have an enviable record of success in that arena.
While litigating your case, we constantly evaluate and suggest cost-effective methods of litigation. For example, nowadays a tremendous amount of time and money can be spent, and wasted, on electronic discovery. Understanding this risk, Seeger Devine tries to avoid retaining outside consultants.
For the electronic discovery we collect, we apply our own cutting-edge software and proprietary research techniques to cut-down on expensive document reviews. For the electronic discovery we must produce, we work with your in-house I.T. force to apply our software and research techniques to your existing database. Our results have been extraordinarily productive and cost-effective.
Favorable and cost-effective resolution of business disputes is in large measure the result of thorough and effective preparation of the case, coupled with lean staffing and effective delegation to manage costs. When the entire law firm is imbued with this philosophy, the result is more often than not a favorable and effective resolution.
The ability to implement this approach, rather than merely pay lip service to it, is the hallmark of Seeger Devine.

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