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Insurance Coverage Litigation

When your insurance company fails you, we can help. Insurance companies are happy to sell you a policy, but they often fail to stand behind that policy. The law requires that your insurance company must respond to your claim in good faith. We make certain that they do.


You bought that policy to help you through difficult times, to protect you against calamity. When a fire destroys your home, when disaster strikes your business, when you are diagnosed with a serious illness or are in need of long-term care, you depend on your insurance to be there. That’s what an insurance policy is – a promise that the insurance company will be there for you. When insurance companies fail to live up to their promises, people, businesses and even other lawyers turn to Seeger Devine LLP for help. That’s why our name partner, Ken Seeger, has been recognized in San Francisco Magazine as one of Northern California’s insurance “Super Lawyers” each year since 2005.


Lawyers for Individuals


If your insurance company is delaying or low-balling you, if they are refusing to rebuild the same quality home that you lost, if you have received an unfair health insurance denial, or if your health insurance company pre-approved a medical procedure and then refused to pay the claim, we can help.


For over two decades, we have fought for the rights of policyholders experiencing insurance claim denials, coverage disputes, insurance cancellation, insurance rescission, failure to defend and other examples of insurance bad faith. Our lawyers have won the respect of our legal peers and the gratitude of our clients for achieving exceptional results in a wide range of insurance-related cases.


Lawyers for Your Business


Businesses, just like individuals, sometimes get the short end of the stick from their insurance company. That’s why a large part of our practice is representing businesses in disputes with their insurance companies. The insurance recovery lawyers at Seeger Devine have enabled hundreds of clients to maximize their insurance coverage assets.


Most often, we have achieved clients’ goals by successfully negotiating or mediating with their insurers, including the most prominent domestic and international property and liability insurers. But we are also very experienced litigators who have handled insurance recovery cases at both the trial and appellate levels. We have aggressively pursued litigation when necessary to realize policyholder clients’ objectives, achieving a tremendous record of success.


Insurance Bad Faith Litigation Lawyers


Seeger Devine represents both individuals and corporations in complex insurance coverage disputes and insurance bad faith litigation. We are dedicated to upholding the rights of policyholders. We help our clients obtain the full amount of insurance coverage promised in their policies. In addition, once we have proven that your insurance company has acted in Bad Faith, we are able to recover even more, including punitive damages, emotional distress and attorney’s fees.


We aggressively pursue punitive damages from insurance companies who disregard the rights of policyholders and act in Bad Faith. By pursuing punitive damages and expanding the rights of policyholders, we can change for the better the way insurance companies do business.


Experienced California Insurance Coverage Lawyers


Our lawyers are especially well known for taking on highly complex insurance disputes and developing new law or expanding the application of existing legal precedents. We have achieved remarkable results, including landmark cases that have changed the face of insurance law in California.


Our lawyers have been part of some of the most important legal decisions in California insurance law; including the California Supreme Court decisions in Bank of the West v. Superior Court and La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club v. Superior Court, and the Ninth Circuit decisions in Sentex Systems, Inc. v. Hartford Accident & Indem. Co.Owens-Brockway Glass Container, Inc. v. International Ins. Co.; and American Econ. Ins. Co. v. Reboans, Inc.


We stand up to the powerful insurance companies, with their seemingly limitless resources and large stables of lawyers. Through the law, we give a voice to the powerless and help protect the rights of all policyholders to be treated fairly and in good faith.


If you are seeking a client-focused, results-oriented law firm to assist you with an insurance-related concern, contact Seeger Devine today.

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